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We are getting ourself a new look. Reach out to us in the meantime
We are getting ourself a new look. Reach out to us in the meantime

Boy's closet

Shop our selections of pre-owned boys jackets, shirts, trousers, jumpers and coats. From another family, to yours. 


  • No Brand Accessories 22-23
    Sold out

    No Brand Accessories 22-23

    Leather Greek Sandals

  • UGG Accessories 16

    UGG Accessories 16

    Brown Shearling Lace Up

  • Zara Accessories 22-23

    Zara Accessories 22-23

    Disney Sneakers

  • Arket Gloves Multi

    Arket Gloves Multi

    Multi Color Gloves

  • Bonpoint  Trousers 3M

    Bonpoint Trousers 3M

    Corduroy Pants

  • No Brand Legging 3M

    No Brand Legging 3M

    Blue Striped Legging

  • Bonpoint Legging 12M

    Bonpoint Legging 12M

    Set of 2 legging, All Over Navy and Star Printed

  • Bonpoint Ensemble 2YO

    Bonpoint Ensemble 2YO

    Ensemble Legging + Tshirt with front woolf

  • Arket  Jumper 12M

    Arket Jumper 12M

    Round neck navy blue jumper

  • Arket Trousers 3YO

    Arket Trousers 3YO

    Oversized Brown Trousers

  • Paul Smith Jacket 18M

    Paul Smith Jacket 18M

    Colorful Animal Hoodie Jacket

  • Tartine & Chocolat Pyjamas 3M

    Tartine & Chocolat Pyjamas 3M

    White Porcupine Pyjamas

  • Jacadi Onesie 18M

    Jacadi Onesie 18M

    White Onesie with Collar Embroideries

  • Freya Lillie Overalls 18M

    Freya Lillie Overalls 18M

    Mint Dungaree with Front Buton

  • Les Lutins Paris Trousers 18M
    Sold out

    Les Lutins Paris Trousers 18M

    Cream Cashmere Trousers

  • Petit Bateau Coat 24M

    Petit Bateau Coat 24M

    Blue Puffer Jacket with Hood

  • Les enfantines Onesie 3M

    Les enfantines Onesie 3M

    Baby Blue Onesie with Front Pocket

  • Petit Bateau Pyjamas 2YO

    Petit Bateau Pyjamas 2YO

    Blue Pyjamas, Top & Trousers

  • Jacadi Onesie 6M

    Jacadi Onesie 6M

    Grey Cotton Onesie with Side Button

  • Oshkosh Overalls 2YO

    Oshkosh Overalls 2YO

    Denim overalls

  • Arket Top 12M

    Arket Top 12M

    Burgundy Striped Top

  • Baby Dior Trousers 6M

    Baby Dior Trousers 6M

    Grey Trousers with white pipping

  • Baby Dior Shirt 6M

    Baby Dior Shirt 6M

    Blue Bee and Abstract front design white shirt

  • Petit Bateau Onesie 3M

    Petit Bateau Onesie 3M

    Star printed white onesie